About Me

Hi there, visitor. Alright, I’ll keep this short & sweet. I attended Woodbury University, made the Dean’s List once, and earned my BFA in Graphic Design. So, enough with the academics. Let’s move into more fun and stimulating things. 

After graduating in 2008, I was catapulted into Web Design and worked predominantly within the entertainment industry. Because I was surrounded by that atmosphere, I’ve had the awesome opportunity of working with a wide variety of clients.  Some notables include:

I currently work at a kickass tech company where I've served as Director of Design for a few years and recently shifted into Product Development. In the last few years, I’ve spent time learning up on UI, UX, Motion Design, and Photography. Ok, I'm done bragging - I promise.

To close this out, I’m super driven and persistent about personal growth. I’m constantly improving myself on how I can solve problems more efficiently. What else can I say...It’s been a hell of a ride and I’m so grateful for all the experience and relationships I’ve built over my 10+ year career. 

Feel free to reach out through my social media platforms:

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